Origin of the Austin Japan Community

The Austin Japan Community (AJC) was formerly known as the Austin Shakaijin Kai.

The Austin Austin Social Club (Shakaijin Kai) was started in 2001 by the late Michiko Miyata. Mr. Miyata was in charge of JETRO (JETRO) Texas (2001-2004) with the desire to create a place of exchange for those who have been transferred from Japan to Austin, where there are still few Japanese people. We called on Mr. Onishi, who was assigned to Austin, and Mr. Sunohara of Tokyo Electron, and we started the Austin Social Club with three people as joint representatives.

The Austin Social Club's representative member changed every time they were transferred. Mr. Miyata was not only the secretariat of the association, but also a volunteer for a Japanese language group at the University of Texas creating a Japanese community in Austin for over 13 years.

Mrs. Miyata also frequently attended San Antonio meetings to deepen exchanges, visited Houston to participate in consular events, and actively participated in activities at the Asian Cultural Center. Mr. Onishi recalled Mrs. Miyata as "A person who wouldn't lose to anyone for loving Japan and Japanese people more."

With the increase in the number of Japanese people in Austin, the society now wants to be a community not only for members of society but also for families, students, people who are learning Japanese and people who like Japan. In April 2017, the name was changed from “Austin Japan Society” to “Austin Japan Community” in response to the wishes of board members (executives). In Japanese, it is called the Austin Japan Community or AJC.


AJC strives to contribute to five things:
- Creating a better community for Japanese people living in the Austin area
- Regional contribution as a Japanese group
- Networking with cities and states outside Austin
– A bridge between Japan and Austin
– A bridge between Japan and Austin

If you are interested in contributing to the community, come join us to create an even better represenation of Japan! Click here to contact us。