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To all Austin Japan community members and Donors,

 As we all have the same experience, 2020 started with COVID-19, and all were greatly affected.  Year after declaration of COVID-19 pandemic vaccination deployment has officially started all at once in the country, so it seems that the speed of infection has slowed down.  

AJC has also been severely restricted in its activities since last year’s pandemic declaration.  AJC’s mission is to play a traction to improve each other’s living space together with the community.  It contributes to the development of the community by building a network of individuals at various events, connecting companies, and closely collaborating with other parts of Texas.  Also, as a community member of Austin, we recognize that contributing to environmental conservation is also an important role.

 Due to the COVID-19, we were forced all our activities from In-Person to online events.  During that time, we received heartwarming donations from everyone, and we helped medical professionals who are having trouble with COVID to purchase medical masks. In addition, we were able to support the people in the area affected by the great cold storm that occurred in February this year.   

We appreciate all for your great support.

***AJC will officially start the membership system starting October 2021, which was once frozen from October 2010.   

Starting October 2021 in alignment with AJC financial year, individual membership will officially start.   In the meantime, we are still accepting donations from you as it has been.   All donated money will be used as an ampul to drive AJC activities.   We plan on making appropriate announcement regarding Official membership along with sufficient details.

Once Official membership drive opens, please re-register with predetermined membership fee as an annual member from the AJC website.

 Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to meeting each one of you soon.

* Donations are tax deductible.

2021 annual event scheduled
• Dinner parties
• Lectures
• Summer festivals
• New Year’s parties
• Volunteer activities like Keep Austin Beautiful
• Various events for families (children too!)
• Business seminars, etc.
• Events promoting Japanese culture such as rakugo and comics
• Music events
• And many more!

How to apply:
Please complete the form on the left side of this window, by completing your payment at the end you are agreeing to the AJC Membership policy.