ATX INSPIRED = Artists inspire each others


AJC supports arts and artists

Artists are one of the unique assets to Austin. As many artists are struggling because of Covid-19, AJC has been looking for ways to support artists especially in our community.

As we announced our artists initiative, talented artists responded.

Then , they named themselves ATX Inspired

ATX Inspired is an artists network group , as well as a place where artists have opportunities to learn, collaborate and inspire each other.

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*We are always accepting new members.

If you are an artist and interested to join ATX Inspired, please!

⭐️Meet our Artists



Riyo Jones   

watercolor artists//Illustrator

I’m a watercolor artist from Osaka, Japan. I make and create custom artwork, teach art classes ranging from child to senior, and would love to connect with people through various events and exhibitions. Please feel free to contact me for networking or art projects.

Instagram: @art_riyoj



Kanami Nakabayashi

contemporary & ballet dancer/ chorographer


4Kanami, originally from Tokyo, Japan, started dancing ballet at the age of three. In high school, she studied abroad in Canada at the Quinte Ballet School of Canada to further her dance training. She pursued her training at The University of Texas at Austin Dance department, where she worked with various American choreographers includingCharles O. Anderson, Alex Ketley, Abby Zbikowski, Kate Watson-Wallaceand Sidra Bell.Upon graduating with honors,she returned back to Japan and has performed in many projects by choreographers including Pichet Klunchun, Kota Yamazaki, and Kazuyuki Futami, and also choreographed her own work. Currently, she is dancing at Galveston Ballet as a Guest Artist and dancing as a freelance artist in many projects.

Check out my instagram for dance videos and photos!


Promotion reel



instagram @kanamdance


Ryu Sakamoto

Singer songwriter/producer



I’m from Fukuoka, Japan.I used to work as a musician in Japan.For example, I was composing music for various content (Japanese TV shows, singers, video creators, etc.) I hope we can make some art together.



Sho Humphries

Ukulele Instrumental Player

2017Since releasing his first album in 2017, Sho has been performing both his original songs and unexpected covers all around the Greater Austin area. In addition to performing live on stage or at private parties, Sho offers private ukulele lessons, writes commissioned music, teaches ukulele workshops, and gives presentations about the history of the ukulele.








Fumiya Hayakawa

Film Director


Fumiya Hayakawa is a Japanese director and cinematographer. He graduated from Waseda University with a B.A. in Political Sciences. His short documentary"Nana"wasan official selection for JAPAN CUTS 2020 and winner of the Judge's Choice on Faces of Austin 2020.He is currently an MFA Film Production student atThe University of Texasat Austin.






Hello, I'm Hal! I'm an animator who loves anime and manga. If you want to see some of my works,go check out my Twitterand/orinstagram!((@harutimu_415)







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