9・21-10・21 is AJC's Otukimi Month!

As we celebrate Japanese Moon viewing "OTUKIMI" tradition, we are having fun contests for YOU to join us!!

Otukimi お月見 is one of the Japanese traditional celebrations in Fall, as the Full Moon in September and October are said the most beautiful full moon.

The full moon in September is called Cyusyo no Meigetsu 中秋の名月 , means Mid-autumn Harvest moon

This year's Cyusyu no Meigetsu, which fall on September 21st, was the full moon.


Next full moon will be 10/20.


During the Otukimi month, we are having fun Outskimi related contests for YOU to participate and win fabulous prizes!

We also share contents like Japanese food recipe, Haike poem, craft you can enjoy, and special cocktails.




Detail and entry form for each contest

-Dango making challenge: Create your own Dango and share your creation with us!

we encourage you go creative with topping so on.

To enter and get more information of Dango contest please clickhere


-Haiku poem contests: Create your own Haiku (College students &up). 

Theme: full moon, or Fall (or Autumn) or Dango

You can use all 3 theme, or choose one of them

Haiku can be written in English or Japanese

More detail and entry form for Haiku adults contests please clickhere


-Otukimi drawing contests :Create your oen Haiku or artwork (Kids)

Theme for both Haiku and Arts: full moon, or Fall (or Autumn) or Dango

You can use all 3 theme, or choose one of them

Haiku: Can be written in English or Japanese

Suggested age : 3rd grade and up .

Art works: can be drawing, painting, clay works, anything!

suggested age : up to 3rd grade

More detail and entry form for both Haiku and artworks contest, please click here


-Otukimi original cocktails contest

Detail will be released in October


Please join us! All photos and works will be shared via AJC/s social media

If you have any questions, please contact


by AJC