1. Membership Levels

AJC membership qualification levels are as follows :

1.1 ) Individual Membership

Honorary Individual Member : Individual member candidate selected and approved by AJC Board.

Regular Individual Member :  Individuals and their families residing in the Austin-Texas metropolitan area, along with other geographical regions aligned with AJC mission statement and sanctioned by its Board.

1.2 ) Corporate Membership

Corporate Regular Member :  Corporation with offices in Austin-Texas or surrounding metropolitan region, engaged in cooperation and support of AJC missions, and approved by AJC Executive Committee.

Corporate Supporting Member :  Corporation with offices outside of designated geographical areas identified above, while engaged in cooperation and support of AJC missions, and approved by AJC Executive Committee.  Note that a Corporation with this status will be precluded from registering as Regular Member due to established AJC criteria.

2. Membership Status

Procedure for Member enrollment, suspension, and withdrawal are as follows :

2.1 )  Entities who qualified as Regular Individual Member or Corporate Member can apply for membership enrollment any time.

2.2 )  All members can withdraw their membership at any time, via written notification to AJC President or Membership Committee representatives, by such format as Email or postal correspondence.

2.3 ) AJC Board of Directors are vested with both discretion and authority to suspend or withdraw granted membership, in the event a member’s action no longer serves AJC mission goals, or when membership dues or expenses have not been fulfilled.

3. Membership Fee

3.1 ) Annual Membership Fee

A) Individual Membership Fee

Honorary Individual Member : Fee exemption granted by AJC Board

Regular Individual Member : In consideration of US pandemic response, AJC Board has amended this membership fee until further notice. Annual membership for this level is now exempted and based on individual donation basis.

B) Corporate Member Fee

Regular Corporate Member : Starting from $500

Supporting Corporate Member : Starting from $200

3.2) Membership Payment

For first-time participants, membership payment is to be fulfilled immediately upon joining AJC.  After which, membership will be renewed on an annual basis.

3.3) Membership Modification

AJC Board of Directors is vested with authority to adjust membership status and associated membership fees.

Any member who has elected to relinquish its AJC membership will not be able to receive refund of its annual AJC membership fee already paid.

4.  Benefits for Individual Members

Member privileges encompass a wide variety of AJC activities, including :

4.1 ) Participate in general member meetings with vested voting rights.

4.2 ) Engage in committee activities, with exception to AJC Board of Directors and Executive Committees.

4.3 ) Receive participatory benefits in special events, priority tickets, price discounts, etc.

5. Amendment of Membership Agreement 

AJC is vested with authority to amend the Membership Agreement at its discretion.

6.  Personal Information 

AJC will utilize personal information submitted by member applicants to facilitate effective communication including events notification, confirmation of event attendance, member’s emergency contact, along with other operational purposes defined by AJC.

AJC will not provide personal information of members to third parties without prior confirmation from the member in question.